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All-in-One Barcode Scanning Device

The LDX10 handheld mobile device is commonly used for inventory counting and asset tracking in a retail or warehouse environment. The device is preloaded with DC Suite, a software that is able to accomplish the most common barcode data collection tasks. The data collected can be easily uploaded to any Windows PC using the supplied USB cable and the DC Sync upload utility. 

For more complex requirements, it also includes DC Console, a program generator that allows users to modify current applications or create new ones. No other solution is more versatile and affordable than the LDX10 with DC Suite and DC Console.

*Call today 800-648-4452 to ask about a $100 rebate for LDX10 trade-ins when you upgrade to the Striker.

LDX10 is suitable for applications such as Inventory Counts, Asset Tracking, Check-In/Check-Out, Receiving/Shipping, Audit/Verification, and much more. 
Like all hand-held AML products, the LDX10 is engineered, manufactured, and serviced in the U.S.A. 

Every LDX10 includes:

  • DC Suite Data Collection Software

  • DC Console Application Design Software

  • Protective Case (Multiple Color Options)

  • USB Cable and Wall Charger

  • One Year Warranty (Parts and Labor)

Top Features:

  • Operates Windows® Embedded 6.0
  • 1D CCD scanning, 2D Imager scanning
  • 2.8 QVGA display with touchscreen
  • ScreenFlash Scan Verification
  • USB data transfer



Charging Adapter

We highly recommend using the supplied AML wall charger and USB cable with the LDX10 or TDX20 to ensure proper operation.

wall charger

Optional Colors for Protective Case

Every LDX10 will be shipped with a red protective case, but optionally there are also 4 additional colors available. The optional colors include orange, black, yellow, green and blue. 


Full Specifications (PDF)

Operating System  Windows® Embedded 6.0
Microprocessor  Freescale i.MX28, 454 MHz
Memory (System) 128MB (400Mhz DDR2)
Memory (Storage)  512MB (NAND Flash)
Expansion MicroSD Slot (Up to 16 GB)
LCD 2.8" QVGA Color TFT with Multi-Viewable Angle glass
Touchscreen Resistive
Batteries 3.7 Volt, Lithium-Ion, 4 cells
Capacity 3200 mAh
Charge Time 100% at 6.5 hours
Charge Mode USB, via PC or wall adapter
Physical Size 7.40" x 2.75" x 1.30" (188mm x 70mm x 33 mm)
Weight 10.4 ounces (Including batteries and silicone case)
Sealing IP54
Operating Temperature  -20° to 50° C / -4° to 122° F
Drop Specification 4' drop
Barcode Scanning Motorola SE-655 Linear CCD
Keypad 24-key T-9 (Text on 9 keys)
Communications Micro USB Type B for data transfer and charging
User Feedback  Beeper, Two dual-color LEDs, AML ScreenFlash



1) Standard Factory Warranty

AML products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The obligation of AML under the Standard Factory Warranty is limited to furnishing labor and materials necessary to return the product to its normal operating condition, or to replace the unit, at AML’s discretion, and only on a “to factory” basis. This limited warranty does not extend to any product which has been modified, misused, abused, or incorrectly installed.

2) Extended Warranty Plus

 An Extended Warranty Plus may be purchased for eligible products, as denoted on the product warranty chart below. An Extended Warranty Plus REPLACES the standard limited warranty and provides for the following additional benefits.

  • 1 year of coverage from the date the product ships from AML.
  • Covers the failure of internal components as a result of normal wear and tear.
  • Covers failure of external components regardless of fault. Generally, this includes the case, LCD displays, keypads, overlays, lenses, and exposed connectors. Note: This does not include the replacement of internal components as a result of abuse or excessive wear and tear. Printed circuit boards, scan engines, and other electronic assemblies are not covered if they are physically damaged.
  • Covers firmware upgrades.
  • Four (4) business-day turnaround, excluding time in transit, when RMA number is properly marked on the outside of the box.
  • Standard return freight (FedEx ground) included.

The Extended Warranty Plus may be purchased anytime during the term of the standard limited warranty. The Extended Warranty Plus is not an extension of the standard warranty but instead replaces it. The start date of the Extended Warranty Plus is the start date of the original warranty. Note that the Extended Warranty Plus does not cover products that have been subjected to improper installation, or that have been modified or used for purposes other than what they were intended.

Do I need a CCD Linear Imager or a 2D Imager? What's the difference?

The CCD Linear Imager is designed to scan what is called “1D” or “one-dimensional” barcodes, such as those shown below. The scan line has to be oriented such that it scans across the bars of the barcode for the entire length.

1D barcodes

 *Align the scan line so that it scans across all the bars. 


The 2D Imager is designed to scan “2D” or "two-dimensional" barcodes, such as those shown below. With the 2D imager, the barcode can be scanned from any orientation as long as the entire barcode is in the field of view of the scanner.

2d barcodes

*Ensure the entire barcode is in the lit field of view of the scanner. 

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