DC Software Downloads

AML’s DC Suite software preloaded on every AML device includes seven applications to accommodate the most common barcode data collection tasks including inventory counts and asset tracking. Collected data can be easily uploaded to any Windows® PC using a USB cable and the DC Sync software utility.

DC Console

DC Console is “Command Central” for AML’s DC Suite Software. Users can modify the existing DC Suite applications, or they can create their own from scratch. No programming knowledge is required, and DC Console is available free of charge.

DC Console also acts as the communications tool when sending and receiving files to the AML handheld, either over the USB port (LDX10) or the Wi-Fi network (TDX20), and must be running on the computer at the time the data is to be transmitted.

For administrators who don’t want to expose the editing and program generation capabilities of DC Console to their users, the DC Sync utility can be installed instead to perform the communications handling.

Download DC Console

Utilize the DC Sync software utility to quickly and easily transfer files from your AML Handheld device to your PC.

dc sync

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