Battery, 800 mAh (set of 4) - LDX10/TDX20


Regular price $51.00

3.7 Volt, Lithium Ion, 4 cells
3200 mAh Total Capacity

Handling fee explained: 

If you need to ship by air (anything other than Ground): Lithium-ion batteries are considered a dangerous good and have to be shipped by FedEx. FedEx will charge an extra handling fee (per box) on top of the regular shipping cost. This extra fee is automatically applied at checkout. 

  • Ship within US address: $58.50 handling fee
  • Ship to All other International address: $107.50 handling fee
  • Also, ICAO/IATA regulations limit the State of Charge (SOC) to 30% for all lithium-ion cells and batteries on both Passenger and Cargo aircraft. In this case, we will have to fully charge all the cells/packs and then discharge them to 30% of there capacity in our facility. This will delay the lead time significantly, so we strongly suggest that you choose to ship by Ground instead by air as it will take equally, or longer, more time than shipping by Ground. If you have the need to choose to ship by air, overseas customers for example, please fully charge the cells/packs immediately when you receive them in order to retain the cells/packs fully charged capacity.
  • For more information about shipping dangerous goods visit this FedEx pdf or this webpage.


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