Introducing the All New
DC Console is easy-to-use, application design software developed specifically to work in conjunction with AML’s DC Suite.
Create. Distribute. Collect.
Every LDX10 batch handheld computer comes with DC Suite, which includes seven (7) pre-developed applications for common data collection tasks.  Now, LDX10 users can use DC Console to modify these applications, or create their own from scratch.
Minimum Requirements:
- AML DC Suite Compatible Device
- Windows® XP or Above OS
- Microsoft™ .NET Framework 3.5
AML Connects
Software that connects people to their data

AML Connects is a system of software and hardware which allows the creation and implementation of custom data-collection programs in the most versatile and economic way.

See our infographic overview of the LDX10 and TDX20 handheld computers as well as the DC Suite, DC Console, DC Sync and DC Uplink applications.

Get FREE software with the purchase of an AML LDX10.
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